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Madden In A Pink Bra

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My my, isn’t this sexy? Little sexy tart Madden in a tight pair of blue jeans and a pink little bra.

Chicks these days have such great lingerie to play with. Back in my day the only choices they had was black, white, and tan. Now they have every color under the sun.

Looks like Madden went with a pink bra. Now, keep in mind that Madden doesn’t have huge tits. Teen chicks with huge tits are very rare. They can be a lot of fun to play with, but tits are tits and even the small ones are fun too. Case in point is Madden here. While she doesn’t have the biggest teen tits we’ve ever seen, not a single one of you is going to kick her out of bed for leaving crumbs behind. It’s cute how her perky boobs rest in that little tiny bra.

Now imagine you’ve taken Madden out for a few drinks, she’s invited you back to her room, and you get to slowly peel off her pink bra and check out her breasts….

She might have tiny boobs, but those boobs would be so much to play with!

The jeans Madden has on aren’t too tight so we will have to work on those…. You know how teen chicks look so much hotter in tight jeans! Or maybe a pair of short shorts would do just fine.

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