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Tight As A Drum

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I think Lilly Chey is tight as a drum…. With an ass like hers she doesn’t need to work out much. Or work for that matter. Men like you and I just buy her whatever she wants. I would just be like “here, take my money”.

I wonder what she is reaching for. No, I don’t care. Just so long as she keep reaching. I see she’s got a tattoo. Not above her ass like one might suspect, but instead on her neck. That’s different. No tramp stamp for Lilly Chey.

Check out what he panties say. LOL. “U’ve got snow chance”. At least Lilly Chey has a sense of humor.

And an ass as tight as a drum.

I see Lilly Chey also has a ponytail going on. Hot. I love chicks with ponytails. Gives you something to pull on when you banging them from behind. All you need to do is say something like “Your sister was much a much better fuck” and then you just hold on, using that ponytail. Good times!

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