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Shortest Shorts Ever

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I grew up watching Daisy Duke on the “Dukes Of Hazard” when I was a kid. Okay, maybe I am not that old – it was in re-runs. But I remember Daisy Duke running around in those little shorts. In fact, they are now called “Daisy Dukes”. Women in short shorts are hot. But Lilly Chey here has taken this to a brand new level. When your ass cheeks are hanging out of your shorts, well, those are some short shorts for sure!

Of course this doesn’t mention that Lilly Chey is super easy on the eyes!

One of the few things I’ve learned about women is that they go through stages with their breasts. When they are younger like Lilly Chey here – I am guessing she is twenty or twenty-one – they have smaller boobs. The older they get, the bigger their boobs become. And when they have kids their boobs get huge. Of course, every now and then you meet a twenty-one year old chick with huge boobs who doesn’t have kids…. But Lilly Chey is exactly where she needs to be – nice young perky boobs!

I swear I would tear into her and never look back. I am sure each and every last one of us would tear into her and teach her a few new tricks!

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