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Sexy Lilly Chey In Glasses

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Lilly Chey might be new to our blog and the solo girl industry over all, but she’s made a good impression really. All men love a chick in glasses. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s because deep down inside in places we don’t like to talk about, we like chicks who are smarter than us. And chicks in glasses look smart.

You can try to argue that Lilly Chey can’t be too smart if she’s taking off her clothes on line to try to make money. You could try to argue this, but you might be wrong. I had dinner with a cam girl in Vegas last January, and much to my surprise she had a big college degree. I asked her why she was working as a cam girl and she told me she had to pay off that big college degree. It seems working in her field she would not be able to pay her bills and pay off her loan. As a cam girl, she sets her own hours, is her own boss – and makes three times as much money as she would working her way up the corporate ladder.

This is why Lilly Chey is smarter than you. She most likely makes a lot more money than you do. I know some solo girls who have made six figures a year just taking off their clothes and ramming a vibrator up their snatch. I would do it too if I could. I think I missed my window for that, however.

I would pay to see Lilly Chey take off her clothes and masturbate for us!

Her body is so tight… Not only does Lilly Chey like to wear glasses, but it seems she also likes to wear her tight little panties. Lilly Chey always wears those “Pink” panties. We should be thankful for Victoria’s Secrets, who doesn’t seem to like to keep many secrets from us!

Damn Lilly Chey is sexy!

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