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Lily Chey Wears Glasses

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When I first saw pictures of Lily Chey wearing glasses, I thought it was just a porn thing. You know what I mean – chicks wear glasses to make them look like a nerd, sort of like a prop. But so far every picture of Lily Chey I’ve seen has her in glasses. I don’t think this is a prop. The glasses aren’t there as a prop to turn us on, but instead because Lily Chey really is a nerd. And sexy nerd chicks are hot!

Lily Chey might not have much in the breast department, but breasts of all sizes are hot. And those shorts. Come on already – I’ve seen a lot of short shorts but I honestly don’t believe I’ve seen a pair of shorts this short in a long long time. Those shorts show off more of her ass than it covers. Hot.

The short shorts, the long hair, the glasses…. Lily Chey is one hot package for sure!

She is bending over just enough to make it oh so hot…. Lily Chey is perfect.

Where do we find chicks like this?

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