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Lily Chey Sexy With Glasses

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Here is something new for us… If you’ve been a fan of Rochard’s Bunny Ranch for any amount of time, you’ll know how much I love some new meat. (When I say “new meat” I mean another hot model I want to bang hard.) I’ve been working in the adult industry for so long… I love the old stuff, but man I do love myself something new!

This is Lily Chey. Yum. I don’t usually go for brunettes but there are always exceptions. I don’t know much about Lily Chey – in fact, I know as much as you do really – But for the love of god chicks in glasses make me so fucking horny. It’s not only chicks in glasses, but hot chicks in glasses. And if you need me to be more specific, hot chicks in glasses wearing panties. With their legs spread. Seems Lily Chey has all of this going on.

Lily Chey shouldn’t be a porn model. She should be a super model.

My god Lily Chey does look super tight doesn’t she?

When I was younger chicks with glasses were shunned. Not any more. Now chicks with glasses are considered sexy nerds. And chances are Lily Chey knows about how to operate your IT devices around the house. Need to hook up your cell phone to the new router? No problem, Lily Chey has that covered. Chicks who are smarter than we are at times can be much sexier than they are in real life. And even more so when they wear nerdy glasses and panties and spread their legs like Lily Chey here!

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