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Lia 19 Is Still Super Sexy

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Lia 19 is still sexy. She always will be.

I was good friends with Lia 19 when I lived in Phoenix. We would go out for lunch and get hammered together. The only regret I have with Lia 19 is that I wasn’t banging that day in and day night… You just know a chick like Lia 19 is wild in bed!

This is an old photo – God only knows what she is up to today. But she looks oh so sweet wearing only a bikini bottom with her tits hanging out while she is kneeling in the sand… That smile is the kind of smile that can break hearts.

Just think – one little tug of those strings and that bikini bottom is coming off…. And then our Lia 19 will be totally naked on the beach!




I would love to know where they shoot such photos… I go to the beach all the time; I used to surf when I was younger… I’ve never seen photoshoots like this on the beach. Ever. It would be so hot to watch Lia 19 doing a photo shoot.

I should also add that Lia 19 was so much more than a model when she was shooting… She was also a photographer at FTV Girls too!

And that’s super freaking hot!

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