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Fully Woody No Splinter

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My blog generates a lot of email. I get one question more than any other question… “What does home of the full woody no splinter tropical dream vacation and spa salon mean?” is the question I get most.

Well, first of all, think of a hot tub with a sexy hot babe in it…

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The truth is this comes from a goofy little song by a little known Canadian group called “2nu”. They were a one hit wonder in the 1980’s, and sang an odd little song called “Count ‘Em Up Creek”. The beginning of the song started off with….

“I needed a vacation, you know, someplace exotic… Where full bodied native girls reek of coconut scented suntan lotion… A place I could drink the water… And all for just $49.95. So, I called Clive Dinky’s – Home of the no splinter, full woody, tropical dream vacation and spa salon. Two hour later, there I am, looking straight into the eyes of “Mona the Monkey Woman”, when all of a sudden my Ziggy Marley accent kicks in…. “

Told you it was goofy! But it appealed to my odd sense of humor. This is what happens when I listen to Canadian music.

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