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Football Panties

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This post is bound to get a lot comments and perhaps some hate mail…

Why watch sweaty smelly men in tight uniforms chase after a ball when you can go outside and play football with Allison Angel and Lia 19??? Doesn’t that sound like much more fun?


I’ve never understood America’s obsession with football. Don’t get me wrong – I’m clearly not gay – and I played football when I was a kid. I was even a big basketball star in high school because I was pretty damn good at it (and rather tall for my age!). But watching someone else play football (or basketball or baseball) just doesn’t make sense to me. I’d much rather spend my time watching two beautiful women goof off with a football than watch grown men play football on TV.

It’s much more sexier and much more entertaining!!!


So, fuck you all. While you are watching men in tight uniforms run around and chase each other I’m going skiing!

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