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Super Sexy Kylie Cupcakes

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For the love of all things holy I have no freaking idea why any chick would name herself “Cupcakes”. (For that matter I am not sure why Sexy Pattycake is named what she is named but such is life.) I can’t see myself riding on top of her screaming “oh Kylie Cupcakes” at the top of my lungs.

Then again, take a look at Kylie Cupcakes. Maybe I could see myself riding on top of her calling out her name.

Maybe she calls herself that because she has a tattoo of a cup cake on her waist. Although that begs me to wonder just why she has a tattoo of a cup cake on her waist. There just must be a story behind that one.

Take a look at Kylie Cupcakes. You just know damn well you would do anything and everything she wants you to do just to see her naked in person, no less the chance to ride on top of her naked.

This just gets hotter and hotter. Think about this… Here we have Kylie Cupcakes, wearing only socks, a pair of panties, and a little thin t-shirt and she is on the floor with her legs spread and is eating batter… You know, because Kylie Cupcakes was in fact making cupcakes. How hot is that?

Of course it’s smoking hot. Chicks who can cook are super sexy in itself but when they do so wearing only their panties and not much more well it’s just a whole new level of sexy that is hard for us to get used to. My girlfriend likes to cook naked – and do laundry too. How hot is that?

Would you like to eat cupcakes with Kylie Cupcakes?

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