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Damn Super Sexy High Heels

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I like a lot of things – mostly boobs, bikinis, and lesbians. Yum. But secretly deep down inside I also like high heels. I’m not too fond of the stripper high heels they have these days – I like the old school stiletto high heels – but I am sure I wouldn’t complain when a chick I want to bang is wearing a pair of high heels like Kitty Purrs is wearing here…. These are super sexy!

So glad we got Kitty Purrs to show them off here!

I like the stiletto high heels because there is something about a woman standing in them. It raises their ass cheeks a little bit, but more importantly it makes them stand up straight and tall – which makes them push out their chest. Which in turn…. Makes their boobs look huge!

I’m sure you noticed this before, right!

Kitty Purrs doesn’t have huge tits, but wearing these high heels it will make her titties stand out nicely!

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