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It is my honest belief that all women are lesbians. Somewhere deep down all women want to do dirty dirty things with other women. Seriously – why have sex with a hairy smelly monster who will treat you like shit when you can have sex with someone who is pretty, smells nice, and will cuddle with you after the fact? This is why all women are lesbians.

This is why so many women in porn are willing to do lesbian scenes. Yes, I am well aware that there is “gay for pay” (Twenty dollars IS twenty dollars, right?) but more women are willing to stuff with other women than men. The running joke about women is that college is when they experimented with other women. Men don’t do that – men just party and bang chicks.

I knew Kitty Purrs was a lesbian the moment I first laid eyes on her. I also think Kitty Purrs looks forward to these lesbian scenes. They sure do seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

It’s really only a matter of time before Kitty Purrs and her little lesbian girlfriend go full core at it….

This is just more proof that Kitty Purrs and all other women around the world are lesbians. They just can’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off and go for it.

You just know when a hot chick sees another hot chick they both look each other and think “Yeah, I would hit that”. And it would be both epic and super hot!

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