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Sexy Blue Jeans

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Kiss Kristin confuses me. Then again, a strong wind confuses me too. On one hand, Kiss Kristin is smoking hot and I want to bang her sideways until next Tuesday. Then again, sometimes when I see her she looks like the girl next door, still hot, but yet still attainable.

Either way Kiss Kristin is hot.

kiss kristin blue jeans2

I love her sweater puppies buried in that sweater… And then how Kiss Kristin lifts up that same sweater to show us her boobies in her sexy pink bra….

Then the damn tease takes off her sweater!

kiss kristin blue jeans1kiss kristin blue jeans3kiss kristin blue jeans5kiss kristin blue jeans9

Maybe at the end of the day that’s exactly what Kiss Kristin is…. A teen tease!

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