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Super Sexy In Glasses

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I like chicks with huge boobs. All men do. Most women too. When I see a chick with huge boobs walking towards me at the mall I get rock hard and want to do naughty things to her. I instantly picture her on top of me, riding me, with those huge boobs bouncing about. This is why I don’t go to the mall often – it’s so fucking distracting.

Chicks with glasses do it for me too. They have this innocent look about them that just rocks my world. Toss in a pair of big tits and I’m going gaga…

Looks like Katie Banks has the best of both worlds going on here – the big boobs with the sexy glasses!

katie banks huge boobs glasses 2

On any given day Katie Banks is so cute, but with her glasses on and her huge titties hanging out it’s just too much to handle!

katie banks huge boobs glasses 1

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