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Sexiest R2D2 Outfit

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With all of the Star Wars movies coming out you would think the Internet would be flooded with hot chicks doing Star Wars related stuff…. You know, like half naked Stormtroopers with their breasts hanging out, that kind of stuff. Someone somewhere had the brilliant idea to make a R2D2 skirt that seems to be super tight. It’s all over the place. Just do a search for R2D2 dress and boom. However, you need a real woman to wear it well. Obviously Katie Banks is a real woman and wears it well.

In fact, it’s even hotter with Katie Banks wearing it – bull body with her huge boobs hanging out. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing this dress on her with her boobs tucked in and covered. With her huge rack it must be fucking impressive.

Then again, everything with Katie Banks is impressive!

With her tits out and her bending over over like this with her boots… This is just too freaking hot for us to handle!

Katie Banks is freaking smoking hot!

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