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Katie Banks Hot Lesbian Kisses

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Somewhere deep down inside in the places I don’t like to talk about I’ve always secretly had a huge thing for Katie Banks. You can easily dismiss this by saying “Well, yes, of course you like Katie Banks – because she’s got huge boobs”. Well, yes, this is true. Everyone knows how much I like chicks with huge boobs. (LOL – Who doesn’t like chicks with big boobs?) But for me it’s so much more than that.

Chicks with big boobs are a dime a dozen; Any MILF has huge boobs at this point. Go to your local mall and you can see dozens and dozens of chicks with huge boobs. Huge sloppy boobs. But I like my big breasted women to look super hot with a hint of an edge on them…. Katie Banks has that edge.

As an extra point, she seems to like other chicks too. I love it when chicks like Katie Banks rub their big boobs together…

Of course it’s even hotter when they are kissing too!

Katie Banks has long a way since we first met her. But she’s coming along great. Soon we need to get her down on her knees sucking off some cock. That would be hot. I know her friend there Bryci likes to suck off some cock on her site – maybe we can get Katie Banks to do it too!

It’s only a matter of time!

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