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Super Easy Access

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You have to admit, Kate Grounds is totally hittable. She looks so cute here with her sexy little punk rocker hair cut, the short skirt, and her tight little shirt…. She sure isn’t hiding anything now is she? Looks like Kate Grounds is wearing a bra or something to hold her perky little boobies up! Golly gee, that sure is one hell of a short fucking skirt!

Sort of begs you to wonder if Kate Grounds has any fucking panties on under that skirt……

sexy kate grounds

If she does, that skirt is so damn short that it’s all easy access – and it would be easy to tear off those panties… I’d pry them off with my fucking teeth!

I bet you Kate Grounds wouldn’t mind getting hit right there up against the railing…. Hard and fast. All she needs to do is bend over – You wouldn’t even need to lift her skirt up, because the skirt Kate Grounds is wearing is so short it would just provide complete and easy access!

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