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Sexy French Maid

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You know every morning I wake up and I’m like “hmm, what can I put up on my blog today”. I’d like to put up some bikini pix, but it’s so damn cold today that it just doesn’t make sense to putting up some hot bikini pix.

So instead this morning let’s put up this sexy picture of Kate Grounds from Kate’s Playground….. In a French maid outfit!


I love hot teen chicks when they are all dressed up and ready to play fun games…. I also like my teen chicks to be subservient; I want them to clean up after me, cook for me, and take care of my sexual needs in the bedroom, the living floor, or any place I so desire. And it looks like Kate Grounds might just be the woman to take care of those needs!

Holy cow, Kate Grounds has a tight little body! Nice little perky teen boobies, thin waistline, beautiful little legs….. I can see myself on the floor behind her touching her sexy high heels, her stockings, looking up her French maid skirt and seeing her little panties – if she’s wearing any – and then peeling those off…… I swear I could mount Kate Grounds right there up against the fireplace! Bend over, slide in from behind……

Am I getting ahead of myself here?

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