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Sexy Cheerleader

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My my, I do fancy myself a hot young teen cheerleader with a tight little body….. And today it’s Kate Grounds filling that bill nicely!!!!

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader1

This is hot, but I’m not sure about the high heels….. I guess this is more for dress up and for play more than anything else. But I’d still like to see Kate Grounds doing a cheer in that outfit…. I can imagine her cheering and using my name. Sweetness!

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader5

Here’s a dirty little secret…. In high school, I was a male cheerleader. Sound ghey? Maybe. But while you clowns were up in the stands watching the cheerleaders, wishing you could be close to them…. I was the one holding them with my hands on their ass while looking up their little cheerleader skirt. Duh.

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader2 kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader3 kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader4 kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader6

This last shot of Kate Grounds with her on her hands and knees…. You can see right up her cheerleading skirt!!!! I want to hit that right there as she is!!!!

kate grounds sexy teen cheerleader8

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