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Pigtails And Upskirts

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I’ve always wondered what Kate Grounds would look like in pigtails. I’ve met Kate Grounds a dozen times or so, but I’ve never seen her with her hair up. I’ve always dreamed about this; It turns me on when I see hot chicks with their hair in pig tails or ponytails. Why? Because when they are going down on me I need a handle to make sure they are going as deep as they can really go!

And Kate Grounds looks damn sexy with pigtails, not to mention her breasts ready to burst out. I want to pull on her pigtails.

kate grounds pig tails1

That’s not all we want to do with Kate Grounds, is it? Heck no. We want to lift up her skirt and see if she’s wearing any panties. Seems like she is. But that’s okay because it’s a small tight little thong – and comes off pretty easy.

I might be a real true blue pervert, but I always love looking up girl’s skirts…. And here we have Kate Grounds giving us the ultimate upskirt.

kate grounds pig tails2

Well, Kate Grounds isn’t shy or bashful. I’ve give that to her!

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