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My Sexy Bunny

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I call this the bunny ranch blog, which is more or less a joke. You’d be stunned how many emails I get asking if I’m affliated with the bunny ranch – you know, the whore house.

I think the name of the blog is because I have a thing for chicks in bunny ears. And slutty outfits. And high heels. I tried working for Playboy but that still didn’t get it out of my system. And thus, here I am early in the morning staring at pictures of Karla Spice in bunny ears – and not much else!

karla spice sexy-teen bunny7

Of course, no chick in bunny ears is complete without the high heels! Karla Spice pulls off this look perfectly!

karla spice sexy-teen bunny1karla spice sexy-teen bunny2karla spice sexy-teen bunny3karla spice sexy-teen bunny9

Who wouldn’t want to this hit – and then repeat!

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