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Kari Sweets

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So this morning I get an email from someone claiming to be Kari Sweets, complaining about how she’s never been listed on my blog. Hmmmm. I wonder how many of these emails are real, or if they are fake – men just wanting me to post up some free pix of their favorite Internet babe.

At any rate, here is none other than Kari Sweets doing the car wash thing!

kari sweets sexy car wash1

Kari Sweets doesn’t make my list of women I’d most want to fuck, but make no mistake about it – if she offered I’d be all over it, but I’m not not going to stalk her like I stalk Misty Anderson.

I must confess I love her shorts in this photo – Hawt hawt hawt!!!

kari sweets sexy car wash2

We’ll add her in from time to time too!

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