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Super Sexy Kali Rose

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While I have worked in the solo girl area of the adult industry for some time now, it’s not like I am best friends with all of the solo girls. Some of them I know next to nothing about. It’s not like we all have a secret club where we all hang out on a regular basis and share secrets. Some of the solo girls these days I know nothing about.

Kali Rose is a good example. Other than the fact I want to bang Kali Rose every night for the rest of my life or at least until I am unable to walk… I know little about her… She sure is easy on the eyes!

And that ass… That ass is worth going to prison for! Okay, maybe not worth going to prison for but damn close…

Come on already that ass is flawless!

I would bang Kali Rose any day of the week and twice today!

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