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Stripper Kali Rose

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I’ve always wondered if Madden is or was a stripper – That chick just looks like she’s in way too good of shape. She must do something.

I also think Kali Rose is a stripper too. It’s not because she is in such great shape although she does have a rocking body. There is just something about her. I was married to a stripper once; so I know a little about strippers. I can just see her with the glitter on her face and some smelly perfume, grinding on middle aged men…

She is on her knees – I’m not sure if that is a stripper thing or if she wants to give one of us a blow job. Either way, she’s down on her knees for a reason. It seems all women seem to enjoy being on their knees. That and doggie style.

I bet you Kali Rose likes it doggie style too. She is a slut like that. A hot slut with beautiful long blonde hair.

Kali Rose looks mighty sexy in those panties and that sexy bra that pushes up her her boobies like that!

So. Damn. Sexy.

You know how I like the cleavage. Kali Rose might not have a lot, but what she has is plenty to keep me happy!

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