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More Tight Kali Rose Ass

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Kali Rose is going places. I don’t normally like chicks with tattoos, no less huge tattoos across their backs, but I would still hit Kali Rose. Oh lord, I would kit Kali Rose with a fucking vengeance. Hard. Four times. And then I would hit it again.

Kali Rose is a cute little teen. You know the type. She is smart enough to get by, thinks she knows how the world works, but truthfully is barely getting by and only getting by because of her looks – and that sweet little ass that you want to make bangy bangy with.

Look at those eyes. You can easily fall in love with Kali Rose.

She’s biting her lip like she’s horny and wants to fuck.

Then suddenly Kali Rose is down on her hands and knees with her legs spread showing off her ass in those tight little shorts. Those must be Daisy Dukes. There isn’t much to them for sure. That’s some more bangy bangy I would like to make!

And you just know Kali Rose is the type of girl that would like to make it happen!

I would eat Kali Rose all damn day long if I ever got the chance. Wouldn’t be my first banging a solo girl.

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