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Kalie Rose In Short Shorts

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Here is a little known secret about me…. I’ve lived in the south. Well, I guess it depends on what you call the south. I was in the military, the United States Marine Corps in fact, and I lived at times in both North and South Carolina. And as such, I also spent a fair amount of time in Georgia too. So I am hoping it is safe to say I know a little bit about “southern girls”. Just a little, not too much. Just like all men, I always wanted to bang a farmer’s daughter. One night in Georgia I did exactly that, first up against a tractor, then up in the barn on the hay. Hot stuff.

Everyone wants to bang a farmer’s daughter. Trust me her daddy was in fact a farmer.

Today we have Kalie Rose dress up like a little farmer’s daughter…. The short shorts are hot, but Kalie Rose is going all out here…. The short shorts are very typical, but Kalie Rose is playing the full role…. You can see her stepping out of an old GTO or Trans Am at any moment.

She is tossing her hair back like she owns the world, and trust me Kalie Rose pretty much does. She can have any man she wants!

With an ass like Kalie Rose has, yes, she sure can have any man she wants!

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