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Kali Rose The French Maid

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We all have our dirty little sex games. Some men like their chicks to to dress up like cheerleaders or school girls. God only knows what kind of freaky shit you are into. But one of the classic dress up games in the French Maid. Not sure why but there is something special and erotic about it. The other dress up games are hot and sexy in their own special way, but with the French Maid routine it’s like you are in charge – The French Maid works for you and you tell her what to do. If you want her to clean up after you, she’ll do as she is told. But if you tell her to do other things she’ll do that too.

The fact that the French Maid outfit is really like a short little dress that shows off a woman’s cleavage is super hot in itself too.

Kali Rose looks just like a real life French Maid. And she’s smoking hot too.

Yes indeed, Kali Rose does look super sexy dressed up as  French Maid!

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Kali Rose

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