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Kali Rose Has A Tight Ass Too

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Although I am a breast man myself, it seems I am on an “ass kick” where I posting pictures of chicks with tight asses. You can’t really see it in this first picture, but Kali Rose sure has a great little ass. Nice and tight. Yum.

But for right now let’s just focused on those short shorts that Kali Rose has on. They are sort of like Daisy Dukes. I mentioned the other day that all women should be required to have stars and stripes bikinis (required by law) and I also think all women should be required to own a pair of Daisy Duke shorts. Very much hotness – even if the chick is not a cow girl or even likes country. Kali Rose has just enough legs to pull it off.

Ahhh, here it is. The ass shot. Once Kali Rose takes off those shorts all that we have left is a little tiny white thong.

Now if you are anything like me you must spend a large amount of time on a daily basis wondering what women are wearing under their clothes. This happens a lot for me when women are wearing skirts; It drives me up the wall. I saw Kali Rose in these short little daisy duke shorts and the first thing that came to my mind was what Kali Rose was wearing under them.

Now we know all Kali Rose is wearing under them is a little white thong!



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