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Sexy Basket Ball

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Here’s another little known fact about me – I was a huge basketball star in high school. Not because I was talented, but mostly because I was tall.

And ever since then watching hot chicks playing basketball has always turned me on!

jana-jordan plays basketball short skirt2

Chicks and basketball go together. I remember one time at an away game I went for the ball, fell, and nearly landed out of bounds – directly in front of the cheerleaders who were sitting down on the first row of bleachers. Sure enough, I put my head down on the gym floor so I could peak up their cheerleader skirts… And the whistle blew because by resting my head on the basketball court I was now out of bounds. So worth it. See, I was even a pervert back then.

But now watching Jana Jordan playing basketball in her short little skirt, bending over, flashing us…. Totally smoking hot!

jana-jordan plays basketball short skirt3jana-jordan plays basketball short skirt5jana-jordan plays basketball short skirt7jana-jordan plays basketball short skirt6

I’d let her play with my balls any time!

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