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Sweet Tight Teen Ass

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I talk about boobs a lot. That’s because I’m a pervert, and boobs are the first thing I see when I first meet a woman. If your anything like me, before the bitch utters her first word you’ve already judged her just by the size of her knockers. I do it too. I bet you do it also. Freak.

So looking for the perfect woman (cough cough *** perfect teen) means we shouldn’t be looking at her boobs only. What we need is a chick who has a beautiful rack, but also a tight little teen ass.

Sort of like, um, this…

hailey tight teen ass5

Okay, come on already… That’s hot. Hailey’s Hideaway is grinding her ass up against the wall for no reason other than our own entertainment.

Then when she turns around, takes her pants off, bends over… With her panties around her knees…

hailey tight teen ass9

Yeah, I know. I’m hard as a rock too.

Hailey’s Hideaway is beautiful.

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