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Samantha Ryan Sexy Bikini

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I know we usually picture our favorite glamour babes in sexy tight dresses and big breasts being pushed up by push up bras, but we need to remember all of our favorite glamour chicks are regular people who like to have fun just like you and I. They just look better doing it.

This is Samantha Ryan from the Stunners website sporting a sexy bikini in the pool… Which gives way to a thousand and one bright ideas and things we could be doing with this beautiful tall drink of water….

samantha ryan stunning bikini babe1

Of course, seeing Samantha Ryan pulling down her bikini top and showing us her huge fan bags comes to mind…..

samantha ryan stunning bikini babe6 samantha ryan stunning bikini babe8

But then when Samantha Ryan starts to spread her legs, well, that gives us even more ideas!!!!

samantha ryan stunning bikini babe7

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