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Travel Plans

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Looks like a busy month for Rochard. First up is a trip to Key West. I’ll take the red eye out Thursday night so I’m there for Friday. I have a friend who lives and works there, an industry guy, and he shoots all kinds of crazy content down there. He sent me this picture to entice me to come out…..

How can I say no?

The following weekend I’ll be down in LA at Martina Warren’s house. She’s the 2005 Penthouse Pet of the year. She’s become a good friend. I attended a party at her house last year and had a great chat with – of all people – Ron Jeremy. (I”m currently reading his book – almost done. And yes, I read constantly.)

The following weekend I have a girlfriend coming up and a car show in town, then the weekend after that I’m just gonna throw a party. Between the myspace whores and Sex Search I’ll be sure to stock the pond good enough.

Tonight I need to do a quiet dinner. I’m tired.

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