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Tight Dress

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What ever happened to the sexy dresses chicks used to wear?

I’m talking about the sexy short little dresses that used to be so common. I remember a time when every woman was wearing them. So tight, so short, so damn beautiful. Southern Brooke pulls this look off nicely. You know Southern Brooke and any kind of tight clothing mix really nicely! With boobs like Southern Brooke, well, anything tight looks super on her!

Look at the girls in this dress – They look like they want to come out so badly!

southern brooke tight dress1

Usually Southern Brooke looks hot no matter what she’s wearing, but this tight little dress – too much! She’s too hot to handle!

How would you like to snuggle up to Southern Brooke dress up like this?

southern brooke tight dress2 southern brooke tight dress5 southern brooke tight dress6 southern brooke tight dress7

LOL. Southern Brooke even looks good from behind in this dress!

southern brooke tight dress3 southern brooke tight dress4

I hate to see you, but your ass looks mighty fine as I watch you leave!

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