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Sexy Corvette

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Not sure how old Love Gisele is, and I don’t are. She is the ultimate SUPREME TEEN. She’s like the mother hen of all other teen chicks.

Check her out in this short skirt trying to hide her huge boobs in front of this sexy Corvette.

love gisele big breasted teen corvette

Now, I’m not a fan of Corvettes, but I am a fan of big breasted teen chicks. Like Love Gisele here. Don’t get me wrong, if Love Gisele is asking me to take a ride with her in a Corvette, well, I’m there. I’m not going to say no, that’s for sure. Fast car, big breasted teen chick. Can’t go wrong there…..

But then Love Gisele gets in the passenger seat, takes off her top, spreads her legs…..

love gisele big breasted teen corvette2

I cannot think of a more pleasant way to spend the day……

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