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Sexy Cheerleader

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Well, the holidays are about to hit us…. And it’s got me thinking about the past ten years of being in the adult industry. And the funny thing is it all started because I had a small fetish for sexy cheerleaders back in the day. I visited a cheerleader website, one thing led to another as it always does, and suddenly I found myself working for one of the first adult Internet start ups.

Suddenly I found myself taking photos of hot teens like Dirty Aly dressed up as cheerleaders……. All for a website called Lightspeed University!

dirty aly sexy cheerleader

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I have no complaints, and I loved spending time with young hot chicks like Dirty Aly here. God, I always wanted to fuck her. I guess my only regret is that I didn’t have the balls to nail half of these hot teen chicks!

So if your into young tight cheerleaders check out Lightspeed University…. You won’t be disappointed. While I didn’t shoot one tenth of the pictures up there, while your wanking off to it keep it in the back of your mind that I might have shot that photo or video, or least was there when it happened!

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