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Sexy Beach House

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A lot of the photos I put up here come from emails, be it from you guys or from people who run the porn sites. This morning I got a big fat email from the guys who run Karen Dreams, a hot little babe I’ve long since forgotten about. I need to get out more often.

karen dreams san diego1

I have no idea where these photos were taken, but it reminds me of this place in San Diego where they have a bunch of little houses right up on the pier. I think it’s a hotel really. You can’t really see it from these photos because I’m trying to show you the sexy photos and not the damn pier itself, but it looks like there is a dozen houses on the pier itself here. Neato.

Looks like Karen Dreams is wearing a cute little jean skirt – and loves to show off her panties!

karen dreams san diego5karen dreams san diego4karen dreams san diego11karen dreams san diego3

Looks like someone had a fun day with Karen Dreams!!!!

karen dreams san diego8

If she’s that willing to show off her panties in public and always flashing us, well, I wouldn’t mind spending some time with Karen Dreams also!

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