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Say Anything

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Long story. I made some “new friends” when I was in Mexico, who in turn have turned me on to a new girl who calls herself Sexy Lette. This girl is so not my style. However, I’m open to knew things and willing to try anything once. Well, almost anything. I’m not much into the tattoo thing and even less into piercings. But she’s got a banging body and…. she’s gotten under my skin in a bad way.

Take a look at this picture taken at a mall. Look at her little breasts.

sexy lette

Now watch this video!

Okay… I’m saying Lette is some whore or anything along these lines, but she kind of stikes me as the type of girl willing to try anything once or twice (or three times if I like it!). And her personality has in fact gotten under my skin and I want to fuck her brains out until my cock is too sore to fuck her any more.

In closing I’m going to say this…. “What happens in Mexico never happened”.

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