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Reagan Manx

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So last month I made a trip “into the city” (San Francisco) to hang out with some of my friends who may or may not be pornographers. And some of them brought their models with them. This chick’s name is Regan Manx. Pretty hot. I know, right?

Here she is like she belongs, in the naked, barefoot, and cooking…

reagan manx sexy hot teen6

Regan Manx looks pretty hot to be in the kitchen cooking…. In fact, she’s smoking hot. Seriously smoking hot. I don’t say that too often.

Looks like her fucking apron is falling off…. I’m not complaining or anything; I’m just saying…

reagan manx sexy hot teen3

Well, after a weekend spent with Regan Manx… I can safely say that I’d let her cook for me any time!!!

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