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Raven’s Playhouse

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Hmmm. I likie new girls. Fresh meat. Thankfully they make new eighteen year olds every day!

Let’s meet Raven from Raven’s Playhouse. I don’t have the inside scoop on her yet, but she’s good to go – a big breasted brunette with a thin waist and a tight ass. If she knows how to deep throat she’d be good marriage material.

ravens playhouse

I don’t know where she lives, but I’m guessing somplace in the midwest where it’s cold about now, near a large lake but not the coast near an ocean. I’m just guessing here because I’m seeing lots of pix of her near water, but not near an ocean (if that makes any sense). There’s even pictures of her in a boat, making something to eat (naked of course!).

Check her out, give her site a spin, and let me know what you lads think! I’d hit it, but you know me!

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