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How in the world could someone not want to fuck Fuckable Lola? I mean, seriously. She’s the like quintessential.

(What? You don’t know what quintessential means? Jesus fucking Christ – did you not go to school? It’s a fucking adjective. “Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class”. No wonder why you fucks never get laid.)

I would slam Fuckable Lola into next week. Doggie style.

fuckablelola sexy jeans2

I love it so much when we get hot tight little teens in super tight jeans. Then when Fuckable Lola strips down and we can see what she’s wearing… I only want to hit that more. I love her sexy little panties. And with her fucking tight jeans around her knees, well, she won’t be able to run away from me.

fuckablelola sexy jeans1 fuckablelola sexy jeans3 fuckablelola sexy jeans4 fuckablelola sexy jeans5

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