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Perky Teen Breasts

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I love breasts. All men do. If I had breasts I’d never ever leave the house. I’d just sit on the couch or in the shower fondling myself. (I believe I’ve mentioned this before.)

Kerie Lane has a nice little rack. They say that “more than a mouthful is a waste”. Well, Kerie Lane has just a bit more than a mouthful. Then again, that’s the perfect size for me!

kerie lane sexy-teen breasts

And with this shirt Kerie Lane is wearing, well, it’s fucking perfect. You can pretty much see right down her top every time she moves. Perfect. Because I’m pretty sure Kerie Lane loves showing off her breasts as much as we like seeing them!!!!

I should also mention that Kerie Lane is wearing a short little skirt – and pulling off her panties. You know what that means. Once Kerie Lane gets those panties around her knees, well, there’s no turning back! Someone’s about to get lucky!

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