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My Life For You

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Elli is a friend of mine. She’s the only Canadian woman I’d ever be willing to sleep with. (There is one Canadian woman who calls herself a fun brunette, but I’ll pass on her!)

How in the world can I say no to this red headed goddess, freckles and all?

hot red headed chick naked1

I only like real red heads. Pass on the fake ones. You can tell a real red head from their skin – usually they have lots and lots of freckles. Freckles are sort of hot in high school crush kind of way, but what really gets me is the red hair. It’s magical.

Might have something to do with me be Irish or whatever, but if there is a decent looking red head open for business I want to be counted in!

hot red headed chick naked2

Elli doesn’t take me too seriously. I saw her in Phoenix at the recent convention but she blew me off. Tramp. So earlier today I told her in no uncertain terms I’m going to come to her house, hog tie her, bring her back to the US (where it’s much warmer!), tie her up to my head board, and have my way with her whenever I feel the need to have sex with a red head. I haven’t figured out the customs problems yet or how to transport a hog tied red head from the Great White North to California, but fantasies always have a way of working themselves out.

Elli, I’m coming to get you!

Oh, be sure to visit Elli Nude and tell her she has an American stalker!!!!

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