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My Favorite Sport

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I don’t like people. I’m not anti social or anything, but I find most people rather boring. I see them on the road every day; They grip their steering wheel, look straight ahead, focused on nothing of interest, with no joy or pleasure or excitement in their eyes. But every now and then someone special comes up along – You can see it in their eyes, that little twinkle, and it screams “I’m having fun, how about you?”.

I know of one such person. I call her “Sport”.

She works for a company that runs Naughty Office and My First Sex Teacher – Both of which are some of my favorite sites. I mean I know everyone had one super hot teacher they wanted to nail, right?

This is a woman who lives to have fun. Every moment with is pure joy for me. She’s the type of girl who will go bar hopping with you in Tijuana on a Tuesday afternoon just for kicks. And she can drink me under the table which might be the only reason I haven’t gotten her naked yet.

I’m going to San Diego this weekend to visit her. And I’m bringing a big bottle of jager and my cowboy hat!

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