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Mile High Club

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Just remember that no matter how well you’ve got it, some people live better than you.

How would you like to join the mile high club?

Imagine your filthy fucking rich and that you have your own plane. And Lia 19 is your only stewardess. She’s dressed up in her short black stewardess dress, with her titties hanging out. The only way it could better than this is if she had a nice drink in her hand – although I’m sure this private jet is fully stocked inside and full of surprises!

lia19 sexy sluty stewardess1

Once airborne, it’s time to to join the mile high club! Lia 19 is more than willing; She’s on the table in the main cabin on her hands and knees. Her titties are hanging out and she’s ready to be fucked right there on the table!

lia19 sexy sluty stewardess2

You gonna say no to Lia 19 in a private jet? Fuck no!

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