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Math For Dummies

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I never said any of these chicks were smart, DID I? Sorry if I’ve mislead you.

Here’s Ashley Brookes and her red haired friend, dressed like up naughty schoolgirls (or not!) reading “Every day math for dummies”. Duh.

smart schoolgirls

This reminds me of a great story shooting for porn. We were shooting a – check it – school girl scene (surprise!) with two hot chicks. I had gone to a book store earlier and bought a math book for the scene, which wasn’t entirely uncommon. So they crack open the book, and they were supposed to start reading a math problem, one of them would make a comment about the other chick’s hair, and bam, lesbian carpet munching time. However, the book was on the college level and the questions they tried to read… Well, they didn’t even understand the questions no less could they come up with an answer. Obviously they weren’t rocket scientists.

But Ashley Brookes still looks hot hair, and her red head friend – who is a real red head (I can tell!) – isn’t anything to sneeze at.

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