15 years ago

Kendra’s Bath Buddy

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Today’s time to revisit some old friends, catch up on how they are doing, etc etc etc…. Let’s start off with Kendra from Kendra’s Secret. Still not sure what her secret is, but I’d walk a mile through the desert to find out.

This is Kendra on the left with the light blonde hair. I’m guessing her friend is a hot chick named Bridget, but don’t quote me on that one. I’d fuck both of them, in case you were wondering!


I’m taking a stab in the dark here… but maybe…. Just maybe…. Kendra’s Secret is that she likes to spend her free time banging girls? I can only hope so.

Because as you know, nothing is much hotter than girls banging girls in a bath tub full of bubbles unless it involves some Jell-O. (Don’t ask.)


I just hope these two get freaky in the bath there with each other!!!!


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