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Karen Dreams

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Earlier this weekend on a few adult message boards I asked “What solo girls have I not met yet?” and was floored by the response. Seems I haven’t been paying attention so stand by for a flood of new girls here on Rochard’s Bunny Ranch!

Tonight let’s wrap about Karen Dreams. I thought “looks cute”. Being as I’m an adult industry manwhore and everyone knows me by name, when I hit someone up and ask for a pass to their site they usually cough it up. So I log into her site and I kid you not there’s like 300 photo sets. Holy Crap! Any possible kind of shoot you can imagine and it’s there – in the pool, police woman, cowboy hats, bunny ears, Christmas stuff, Irish stuff, mini skirts, high heels, stripper pole, bartender, basketball babe, sexy dress, stockings, etc etc etc. You know the bunny ears made me hot, but so did this set:

karen dreams big boobs26

You all know I have the thing for the cowgirl theme. The chaps just makes it eve better. I see her wearing nothing by this outfit sans the panties, riding on top of me, saying “giddy up cowboy”. (It’s possible she’s got a bottle of Jager in hands while doing this, but that’s another story.)

I’d hit it. Twice.

So if you interested in a website where the chick puts a huge amount of effort into her site sign up for Karen Dreams. It will be well worth your money.

I wonder what she dreams about. Hmmmm.

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