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How It All Started

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I got “into porn” when I first went online. This must have been about 1993 or 1994. I very quickly discovered the adult sites. But one girl had me hooked. Her name was Erica. Her site is still on line but I won’t put any links up to it. Eric is a beautiful blonde goddess, short, tight body, perfect breasts, face like an angel. She’s the kind of girl you can take home to mother (Hi Mom!) yet she’ll have no problem jumping in bed with you and her best girlfriend.

Well, I found a girl that looks just like my Erica. Meet Jana.

And of course, as expected, she has no problems kissing other girls – making her potential marriage material.

Anyhow, back to my story. (Sorry, I got distracted!) I joined Erica’s site and enjoyed it for the better part of six months. I also signed up for one of her friend’s sites. In 1995 I made my first web page. It was called “Zachary’s Daily Dose” and was a daily bikini site. I did it more for kicks but got off knowing that others enjoyed viewing something I created which was a first for me. I started launching little free sites left and right, and my web page knowledge combined with my desire to see the girl next door naked (she had a huge rack) led to my first adult site. The free sites and my first pay site got me invovled with Steve Lightspeed, and well, the rest was history.

So visit Jana and tell her I sent you. (Don’t tell her who I work for!). Because I’m well connected I already have her address, and next week I’ll pop the tradiational gift in the mail. Let’s see if I can make her a fan of Rochard!

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