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House Keeping

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A few quick notes about the blog…..

I’m going to remove the link to Playboy. Their daily picutre only uses the same twenty girls over and over again. What a shame.

I’m also going to turn off comments. You can bitch about the porno folks all you want, but the comments are getting filled up with pill pushers who want to get their links on my blog and do so by putting them in the comments. So that’s gone too. You can always email if you have something you want to say.

I’m also going to make some changes to the side bar… seems I’ve gotten a few complaints that all of the girls are there in link and not little picutres. That’s coming this weekend.

And yes, I’ll post some pictures of my nu girlfriend shortly. She’s a computer gal and she’s been calling herself “INOROC”, which is prounced “I know rock”. Rock as in “Rochard”. Cute, eh?

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