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Hot Summer Dress

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This has got to be one of my all time favorite sets of London Hart. You would think my favorite photos of London Hart would be of her in a bikini, but nah… While bikinis are always hot, it’s sort of like “been there done that”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always look forward to waking up and seeing London Hart in a skimpy little bikini with a thong, but sometimes seeing a beautiful babe in her nature setting wearing regular every day clothes is a special treat too.

Check out London Hart outside at a part in a neat little summer dress showing off her sexy legs…

london hart sexy summer dress1

London Hart is like the best of all worlds. I noticed this time around she’s sporting blonde hair which is super hot, but over all London Hart just has it going on. She’s got the tight little body, the beautiful face – like an angel – long legs…. And a killer rack. Oh trust me, most chicks her age would kill to have boobs like that!

I just want to play with them!

But in the mean time I’ll get off watching London Hart showing off her sexy long powerful legs here….

london hart sexy summer dress2london hart sexy summer dress3london hart sexy summer dress4london hart sexy summer dress5

Looks like her cleavage is trying to bust loose too! If only that top would come down a few more inches…. Then we could see the world!

london hart sexy summer dress6

Thanks for the show London Hart!!!

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